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Chorale de Kigali is a non-governmental organization whose mandate is implemented on a voluntary basis. We therefore need the support from donors and sponsors to walk with us as we continue this journey. We are committed to remaining a vibrant part of the community and our passion for choral music is greater now than ever.
We have two tremendous long-term projects that will need your support to put them from papers to reality:

• To put in place a school of music that will benefit our community

• To put in place a philharmonic orchestra
You can show your support by choosing from among the choices below:

• Direct donation by contacting us through our contacts, website and other social medias.

• Concluding with us a sponsoring partnership of advertisement.

• Subscription and regular visits to Chorale de Kigali YouTube channel. Account number: 00040-00014880-72 in Bank of KIGALI (BK)

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